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Want to know the secret to longevity? Just rev up your diet with fresh fruits, green tea, fish and red wine.


Dr. Seema Puri says dietary adjustments may not only influence present health but may determine whether or not an individual will develop diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes much later in life.

She recommends a high intake of vegetables (particularly wild plants), fruits, nuts and cereals mostly in the form of sourdough bread rather than pasta, more olives and olive oil, less milk more cheese, more fish and less meat.

Consumption of specific foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits, fish, green tea, red wine, soy, nuts and seeds, garlic and turmeric may also have a beneficial effect on health.

“Scientific evidence increasingly supports the view that alterations in the diet have strong effects both positive and negative on health throughout life,” she says.

Constituents like fibre and several phytochemicals in these foods bestow antioxidant, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immuno-enhancing properties – all contribute to lowered disease risk and hence increased longevity, experts say.

High fruit and vegetable consumption has been consistently associated with protection against muscular degeneration, visual loss, cataracts, respiratory disease, and breast, stomach and colorectal cancer.

The Japanese have the world’s longest life expectancy, which has been attributed in part to their increased intake of fruit and fat and reduced intake of salty traditional dishes.

With the number of old in the world increasing due to better living conditions, scientists are renewing their research into what is essential for a long life.

Nutrition is coming to the fore as a major modifiable determinant of chronic disease and age-related decline.

The process of determining the lifeline of an individual in fact begins right after birth with breast milk being touted as the best and complete food which provides an early immunity to the body.

Source: hindu.com


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Good Food and wine logo

Southern Africa’s finest food and beverage exhibition promises to bring Cape Town gourmets, gourmands and good-life devotees to their knees this year, with a sensational line-up of the finest international celebrity and BBC chefs, flown courtesy of Swiss International Air Lines, joined by our finest South African Chefs, in no less than nine state-of-the-art kitchen theatres, and a host of unique specialty shows within the greater Show.

These dedicated areas will offer visitors everything from big-name book signings , the finest organic produce to hands-on workshops conducted by the world’s leading chefs. You’ll be watching magic, tasting heaven, and learning from the masters of food, wine, gourmet travel and lifestyle.

The Cape Town Good Food & Wine Show brings the latest cutting-edge global trends and tastes right to your doorstep, and you can stop, shop or pop into any number of extraordinary gourmet experiences, all unlike any you’ve seen before. Set your imagination free at the Good Food & Wine Show. We’ll do the rest.

28 – 31 May 2009

The Cape Town International Convention Centre

For more info: <a href=” http://www.gourmetsa.co.za/home.asp?clientcode=gourmetsa&itemid=95&displaytype=M”&gt; gourmetsa.co.za <a/>

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Top winemakers, wine experts and chefs will be in Joburg for the Wine Show Joburg, running from 29 to 31 May at Gallagher Estate in Midrand.

joburg wine logo

Exhibitors who have booked to be at the show include vineyards Douglas Green, Vriesenhof, Bellingham and Annandale Shiraz, and the Cape Wine Academy. While most of the exhibitors have been at the show before, new names are also appearing, including Ken Forrester, KWV and Nederburg.

“The Cape Wine Academy participated for the first time in 2008,” said Marilyn Cooper, the managing director of the institution. At the Wine Show Joburg, it was able to “reach a particularly special person, who is usually knowledgeable about wine and keen to learn more”.

The academy is an educational and training body that promotes awareness and appreciation of South African wine. It was founded in 1979 in Stellenbosch.

In all, there will be 130 stands, where wine can be tasted and bought from the vineyards and distributors; punters can also learn more about the drink and viniculture.

Besides wine tasting, top chefs will take part in the Friends for dinner theatre, on Friday from 6.30pm, on Saturday from 12.30pm and again on Sunday from 12.30pm. Participants will learn about food and wine pairing and get the hottest entertaining tips.

Chefs at the show will include Jonathan Duiker from Melrose Arch Hotel, who will team up with Arumdale Wines and Bilton Wines; and Debi van Flyman from Cullinary Productions, who will team up with the Cape Wine Academy.

And it’s not all food and drink – there is boules and golf too, with cases of wine up for grabs.

There will also be an exclusive vintage tasting, called the Whole Nine Yards, with wines going back to 1909. Hosted by sommelier Jörg Pfützner, it will take place on 29 May at 7pm and costs R8 900 per person – and there are only 12 tickets.

This price includes full weekend passes to the Wine Show Joburg. Booking is essential, and must be done through Natalie Campbell natalie@wineshow.co.zaThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

. Tickets for this exclusive tasting are not available at Computicket.

Wines that will be tasted include the 1909 Armagnac, the iconic 1919 Corton Hotel St Petersburg, a 1929 Cos d’Estournel and a Meursault from 1969, according to the show’s website.

Over the past years, creative ways have been devised to use the wine show as an opportunity to raise funds for charity; this year is no different. Organisers worked hand in hand with Getpix Images and Photographic Academy to launch a competition themed Wine laid bare.

For a R50 entry fee, amateur and professional photographers will be able to submit their photographs interpreting the theme. The cash will be donated to breast cancer awareness and research. The best entries will be exhibited at the show.

Judges from Getpix will choose the 12 best entries that will feature in a charity calendar. Sold for R100 each, the calendars will be available at the show.

The Wine Show Joburg runs from Friday, 29 May to Sunday, 31 May at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. Doors are open from 5pm to 9pm on the opening night, from noon to 9pm on Saturday and from noon to 6pm on the final day.

Source: joburg.org.za

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Ever wonder how much Jennifer Aniston makes in a year? How about Britney Spears? Or Tiger Woods? Check out what these celebs earned according to Parade.com. You may be shocked to find out.


Jennifer Aniston pulled in a cool $27 million.


Singer/actress Beyoncé collected $80 million … while hubby Jay-Z made $82 million.


Taylor Swift is only 15 years old and already has $5.5 million in the bank


Actress/writer Tina Fey made $4.6 million.


Some writers do manage to make money. Writer John Grisham put $25 million in the bank.

Tiger Woods made a grand total of $110 million.
Britney Spears pulled in a respectable $2.25 million.

Read more: nydailytimes.com

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It’s not all doom and gloom in the US economy. Some products are bucking the recession and flying off store shelves.

recession spending

Sales of chocolate and running shoes are up. Wine drinkers haven’t stopped sipping; they just seem to be choosing cheaper vintages.

Gold coins are selling like hot cakes. So are gardening seeds. Tanning products are piling up in shopping carts; maybe more people are finding color in a bottle than from sun-worshipping on a faraway beach.

Strong sales of Spam, Dinty Moore stew and chili helped Hormel Foods Corp. post a 6 percent increase in first quarter sales in its grocery products unit.

Consumers have trimmed household budgets and postponed cars, major appliances and other big-ticket items. Yet they still are willing to shell out for small indulgences and goods that make life more comfortable at home, where they are spending more time.

Recession shoppers also are drawn to items that make them feel safe, both personally and financially.

“The focus on the family hearth is something that has happened in nearly every recession. It’s, ‘How can I have more fun at home?'” said Paco Underhill, whose company, Envirosell, monitors the behavior of shoppers and sellers across the U.S. and in other countries.

“People are much more focused on their homes and their immediate happiness and they’re buying things that they can use themselves — seeds, fishing equipment. Lipstick and chocolate are small rewards that make you feel better.”

Profits in the first three months of 2009 at  Hershey Co., the nation’s second-largest candy maker, surged 20 percent and beat Wall Street’s’s expectations. Kraft Foods Inc. reported double-digit growth in macaroni and cheese dinners — the consummate comfort food.

Recessions, it seems, are good for love, too. Over the final three months of 2008, condom sales rose 5 percent and Match.com reported its strongest performance in seven years.

But economic woes are as rough on the tummy as they are on the wallet. Chicago-based market researcher Information Resources Inc. reports that sales of laxative liquids and powders rose 11.5 percent for the 52 weeks ending April 19. Sales of stomach remedy tablets, including Pepto-Bismol and Phillips brands, climbed 8 percent.

As expected during any economic slump, recession shoppers looking for deals have boosted sales at discount chains such as Wall-Mart Stores Inc. Dollar Tree Inc. sneaked into this year’s Fortune 500 for the first time, at No. 499.

These trends will probably be true in South Africa as well. The retailers always seem to be on the right side of the market. Chocolates , running shoes and value wine will probably also follow suit.
Source: nydailynews.com

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Wine lovers are increasingly following their passion on vacation with more visitors to wine regions, which now boast top hotels, restaurants and tours.


TripAdvisor, an online travel community, has come up with a list of 10 top wine destinations in the world, according to its editors and traveller popularity.

1. Geaux Bordeaux: Bordeaux, France: Perhaps the world’s most famous wine destination, the Bordeaux region of France has long been renowned for its vineyards producing everything from delicious table wines to the most expensive bottles in the world.

2. Golden Grapes: Napa Valley, Calif: Napa Valley is synonymous with superb wine and striking scenery, both of which draw millions of wine lovers to the region each year.

3. Keen on Chianti: Tuscany, ItalY: Famed for its reds like Chianti and Montalcino, the Tuscany region of Italy is a delight for the senses.

4. A Bit of the Bubbly: Champagne-Ardenne, France: Neatly-tended vineyards amongst a picturesque natural landscape, rich history, and unique culture make this region vibrant.

5. Raising the Barossa: Barossa Valley, Australia: This scenic region in southern Australia is highly regarded for its Shiraz and its other robust varieties of red wine.

6. Spanish Inbibation: La Rioja, Spain: Most recognized for its outstanding reds, the region’s wines are particularly distinctive because of oak ageing and delicious vanilla flavours.

7. To the Moon: Sonoma Valley, Calif: The Valley features amazing vineyards as well as beautiful scenery and towns.

8. Grand Central: Valle Central, Chile: Just outside the Chilean capital of Santiago, the gorgeous Valle Central set among the Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean is internationally acclaimed.

9. Great Escape: Stellenbosch, South Africa: Home to one of South Africa’s most visited wine routes, Stellenbosch is the heart of the Cape Winelands region.

10. Blanc Stare: Marlborough, New Zealand: Located on the southern island of New Zealand, Marlborough is widely regarded as the country’s birthplace of winemaking. The region is best known for its delectable Sauvignon Blancs.

Source: calgaryherald.com

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Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Where Douglas Green? Winning gold medals in Europe, that’s where. The enigmatic South African Wineland character and a household name among wine-lovers world-wide, has won two Gold Medals at this year’s Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, one of Europe’s foremost annual wine competitions that was held in Valencia, Spain at the end of April.

The Douglas Green Chardonnay and Douglas Green Chenin Blanc, both from the 2008 vintage, were awarded Gold at this year’s competition during which 6289 wines and spirits were judged by over 240 international experts.

According to Pieter Terblanche, Douglas Green brand manager, this international recognition vindicates Douglas Green’s continued commitment to sourcing best quality grapes from selected vineyards spread over a large area of the Cape winelands. “The success of Douglas Green relies on partnerships, so these two international awards belong to the various grape growers, the cellars we use to make the Douglas Green wines and our winemaker, our winemaker Jaco Potgieter and viticulturalist Stephan Joubert,” says Terblanche.

“The most important element in our whole ethos, however, is the consumer,” he continues. “And these Gold Medals prove that Douglas Green does not renege when it comes to offering the best possible quality at affordable prices. The Douglas Green Chenin Blanc 2008 and Chardonnay 2008 are sold for below R30 and R35 respectively, allowing our customers to enjoy internationally recognised wines without breaking the bank.”

Douglas Green winemaker Jaco Potgieter says both wines underscore the quality of the 2008 vintage. “The Chenin Blanc grapes were sourced from premier vineyards in Wellington, with the winning Chardonnay coming from the limestone-rich soils of Robertson,” he says. “It was an almost perfect vintage due to the preceding cold winter, and the two wines in question show bursts of sunny fruit. This is what South African wine is known for and is something we at Douglas Green do best!”

From: www.winegoggle.co.za

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