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If Sex and the City Characters (characteristics) are compared to wines, which wine do you think will be paired with Charlotte and  Miranda?

 Charlotte-  She is a traditionalist who believes in love– though she does have her own outrageous moments.

Miranda- Initially very distrustful and almost masculine, Miranda’s attitudes and style soften over time as she falls in love.

What do you think?



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Sex and the City 2 will probably get mixed reviews but it seems that the fans will not be disappointed by this 2 ½ hour movie/fashion show.

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that even if “Sex and the City 2” consisted of nothing but a two-and-a-half hour fashion show, it would draw crowds. But it also has the returning cast members in fine comic form, and it has more cutting-edge humor than the first movie. Critics will carp about the platitudes in the script and about the longueurs in the nearly 2 1/2-hour opus, but for the core audience, there will be no complaints about too much of a good thing. This picture is going to be a smash.

Carrie and Big find themselves at odds over an issue that bedevils many couples: She loves to go out on the town, and he turns out to be a closet TV addict who wants to do nothing more than curl up on the couch watching old movies. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has achieved her dream life with two children, but the tots turn out to be maddening rather than adorable. Only Samantha (the consistently irresistible Kim Cattrall) remains defiantly single, waging her own personal war against menopause.

These wan domestic squabbles are merely prelude to the movie’s major plot development. Samantha is approached by an Arab sheik to devise a PR campaign for his business enterprises, and he offers to fly her and her three gal pals on an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi….and then…..

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Drinkers who enjoy two or three glasses of wine a day are healthier than teetotallers, according to a new European study.  

Moderate drinkers had lower rates of heart disease, obesity and depression than those who abstained from alcohol entirely, researchers found.

But, while previous studies have highlighted the health-giving properties of wine, the authors of the latest report sounded a note of caution. Drinking modest amounts of alcohol does not necessarily make you healthier, they said. Rather, those who enjoy alcohol without indulging to excess tend to be wealthier and more successful than average, and are the sort of people who look after their health in general.

Boris Hansel of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, who led the study of the medical records of 150,000 Parisians, said: “Moderate alcohol intake is a powerful marker of a higher social level, superior general health status and lower cardiovascular risk.”

In the study, light drinkers were defined as those who drank one unit of alcohol a day — the equivalent of one small glass of wine. Moderate drinkers consumed between one and three units a day — up to half a bottle of weak wine or a pint-and-a-half of standard strength beer.

Light and moderate drinkers scored better than both teetotallers and heavy drinkers on a range of health indicators.

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The famous quote goes “Life is too short for bad wine”.  I would like to add that “Life is too short to only drink one style of wine”. There is wide variety of wine styles in SA but some people just get stuck on one cultivar of wine.

South Africa has a great wine variety and the consumers are spoiled with choice but it seems that many consumers have their preconceived ideas and are reluctant to change.

The other day at a dinner party one of my guests insisted that he only drinks Sauvignon Blanc and no other white wine. This rigidness is typical of many South African wine consumers.

Sauvignon Blanc has become the go-to white wine and when in doubt; wine drinkers go for Sauvignon Blanc. In America it seems that Chardonnay is their go-to white drink. In a recent American article I read that the most versatile white wine is Sauvignon Blanc , yet most Americans drink Chardonnay.

But South Africa has another alternative and very versatile cultivar , Chenin Blanc.

According the John Platter guide, this white cultivar accounts for 19% of SA vineyard area.

Edward Deitch ,an American wine columnist,  wrote that ” Chenin Blanc is to South Africa what Chardonnay is to California”.  He added that “there is no better source for good, inexpensive Chenin Blanc than South Africa.”

So the Americans perceive SA to make great (value for money) Chenin Blancs, yet South African wine consumers are still stuck in their rigid white wine preferences.

With the economic hard times, the consumers will probably be more conservative and will stick to what they know. So, in the immediate future, Sauvignon Blanc will remain the go-to dry white wine for South African wine drinkers.

My suggestion to my , dear I say , narrow-minded guest , is to try something new. Come on , live a little. There is great dry Chenin Blancs, white blends and Rosé wines on the market. Try it.

Source: msnbc

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Two separate research groups have released findings that might confirm what you may know: Laughter and red wine and a handful of walnuts or peanuts are the best longevity, disease-fighting and anti-aging secrets out there.

Reports from the Montefiore Einstein Cancerdefine Center at Montefiore Hospital are that they have been using ‘strength through laughter’ therapy to cure patients for the last five years.

During the laughter therapy session, the patients crack each other up and laugh to forget their own illness; they also use good film comedies, books and stand-up specials during the session.

The American Cancer Society and other medical experts say that laughter is the best therapy to reduce tension and relax the body. It lowers the blood pressure, reduces stress hormones define and increases muscle flexion.  Many medical experts laud laughter’s unique internal organ massage benefits.

To add to this, Harvard researchers have made claims they have a critical key to unlock the secret of aging. The Harvard studies showed that resveratrol also found in the crust of peanuts and walnuts, in grapes, peanut butter, pistachios and other foods seemed to ward off the effect of age on heart, bones, eyes and muscles.

So my tip for the week is rent a movie from your favourite comedian and enjoy it with a lovely glass of Douglas Green Merlot. Or invite friends , with whom you always have a good laugh, and go “nuts” with them.

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Where Douglas Green? Winning gold medals in Europe, that’s where. The enigmatic South African Wineland character and a household name among wine-lovers world-wide, has won a Gold Medal at this year’s Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, one of Europe’s foremost annual wine competitions that was held in Palermo, Italy at the end of April.

The Douglas Green Chenin Blanc 2009,  were awarded Gold at this year’s competition during which 6964 wines and spirits were judged by over 200 international experts.

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A third of women dream about chocolate during the day, compared with only 18 per cent who think about sex, says a new British survey.

Around 2.3 million British women admitted that they have the sweet treat at least three times a day, reports The Daily Express.

On the other hand, six in 10 men have sex on their minds for most of the day and 11 per cent think about chocolate, the study found.

According to the study of 2,000 women, which was carried out by cereal bar firm Fibre Plus, more than one in five women say they would kiss goodbye to their sex lives before chocolate.

What’s more, a quarter would rather give up chardonnay and Chanel.

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