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To Celebrate Chardonnay Day we are giving away a few bottles of our multi award winning Douglas Green Chardonnay.

All you have to do is to visit our Facebook page and tag the Chardonnay photo.

*Prize will only be deliveed to an address in South Africa

About the wine


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Happy  World Chardonnay Day. But what is Chardonnay Day all about?

May 26th 2011 is the 2nd annual Chardonnay Day – a global celebration of one of the world’s favourite winegrape varieties through social media. So what is Chardonnay Day all about, how can you get involved and what does it mean for your business?

The idea behind Chardonnay Day is to celebrate Chardonnay, in all its myriad styles, over a 24 hour period wherever you are in the world, using social media as the thread that connects the global conversation together. It’s really as simple as sharing a conversation over a glass of wine, whether in a virtual or physical location. Everyone can get involved – simply use the #chardonnay hashtag in posts and tweets on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Gowalla or your social networking platform of choice.

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A recent survey shows that women prefer wines they know to be more expensive.

According to research by the Stockholm School of Economics and Harvard University women attach more value to pricey bottles of wine than the actual taste.

Research showed that disclosing the price of the wine before it was tasted generally resulted in much higher wine ratings.

During the study conducted by Johan Almenberg of Harvard University, 266 volunteers in Boston, US were asked to taste one of two Portuguese red wines, one costing five US dollars (R40) while the other cost US40 (R300).

One-third of the volunteers were told the price before the tasting while other volunteers learned the price afterwards.

Women appeared to give far higher ratings when they were told that what they were about to drink was expensive.

Men did not seem that affected by the price, they appeared to go more on taste. But women certainly seemed affected by the price – and this impacted on their wine rating.

Interestingly enough though, in a blind tasting both sexes gave higher ratings for the cheaper wine than for the more expensive wine.

Almenberg said the impact of pricing on women could be “something evolutionary”.

“If you look for what women find attractive in a man, the pay cheque is probably not that important for either sex, but a lot of women attach more importance to that than men do,” he said.

Source: food24.com

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Here is a great YouTube Douglas Green Wine clip.

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Congratulations to Chantelle Taylor Beyers.

She is the lucky winner of the Douglas Green Mother’s Day competition.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Enjoy the wine Chantelle.

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To celebrate Mother’s Day we are giving away wine prizes to lucky Facebook fans

We will post a photo on our Facebook page  and all you have to do to enter is to tag/select your favourite wine / wine brand.

You can also leave a comment to stand a chance to win wine prizes.

Competition closes on Mother’s Day  8 May.

Competition-  Terms and conditions   

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Call it fluoride for grown-ups: new research suggests a crisp chardonnay may fight cavities.

Italian researchers who tested supermarket-bought red and white wines report both were effective in controlling the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and sore throats.

Sadly, though, the ingredients work best when you remove them from wine.

The researcher says the components in wine that fight oral bacteria might one day be added to mouthwashes and toothpastes. Experiments are already being carried out in humans to test wine’s effects on cavities and upper respiratory tract infections, according to Gabriella Gazzani of the faculty of pharmacy at the University of Pavia in Italy.

Her research team has been looking at components of food that might possess any kind of biological activity. The finding suggests wine “enhances oral health,” the researchers conclude.

Source: beachhousewines.com

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